Wish Box- Manifest Your Dreams

Making a wish box is a wonderfully creative way to manifest magic in your life...

Wish Box- Manifest Your Dreams

Wish Box

The idea of a real wish box is as amazing as it is unbelievable. Imagine being able to solve your problems just by wishing things into existance!

Some people may find the idea ridiculous, but I decided it was well worth a try. Another thing that encouraged me was knowing several people who have tried this or similar tasks that have achieved their goals.

I’ll make sure to update this to inform you of my experience.

Basic Concept

The basic idea of a wish or manifestation box is to have a container in which you place the things your wishes. Your box should be personalised and special to you because it will hold your dreams or wishes. Generally, you will think about how you will feel when these things happen or picture them happening.

You can find many different instructions on what to do depending on where you read about it or who you listen to.

Wrapped Present- Freestock from Unsplash

Give a Gift

Why not present someone with a box they can perhaps decorate with beautifully handwritten instructions. That way you are presenting them with a way to make their dreams come true, and what could be a better gift?

The Box

When I say wish box, I don’t mean that you should limit your imagination. People use a variety of containers to hold their dreams- for example some people use jars. For inspiration, have a look on Pinterest.


While you are perfectly welcome to go out and buy a gorgeous container to entrust your dreams to, it may be preferable to have a DIY element. By no means am I suggesting you have to build a wish box, but having a hand in decorating it- inside or out- makes it more special to you.

My choice of wish ‘box’ was a small birdhouse; I bought the birdhouse and then spent time personalising it.

Decorating the Outside of the Box

Should you make the decision to purchase a box you can decorate the exterior of, you might like to paint it. I love the idea of wishes being connected to the universe and following that thought process I went for a galaxy design. I love painting, and while I’m not always happy with my artwork this was something I was really happy with.

Painting not something you’re into? Why not decorate with pictures of things you love, that inspire positive feelings.

Decorating the Inside of the Box

Depending on the size or shape of your wish box, it may be easier to decorate the inside of your box. Again, this is a very personal thing to you invest time in it making you love.

Some people like to add pieces of fabric, perhaps with a favourite scent and others like to pick stones to reside in their wish box.

Personally, I didn’t have much space to work with (given that I chose a tiny birdhouse), however I still managed to squeeze in some fabric, a small bottle of glitter and a few crystals. Of course, I had to put my wishes in there too! Due to the size of my wish box, arranging the objects in my box was difficult so in terms of time I spent a lot more on the outside.

WishesManifesting and the Universe

Once again, there are many different ideas people have on what you should do with your wishes but they are there as a physical reminder of what you want to manifest.

For the wishes themselves, I chose to make them fancy because I felt that worked best for me. My notes were handwritten, with a nice pen and my neatest handwriting. Once I had written them, I rolled them into small scrolls and secured them with glittery ribbon.

Go crazy! Use beautiful pens, calligraphy or make your wishes into origami shapes. I like to think that making the act of writing the wishes exciting, you are sending more positive energy into the universe which could help the manifestation.

Placement of Your Wish Box

As with most of this process, where you want to keep your wish box is entirely up to you. Some folk prefer to leave them on a windowsill whereas others keep them by their bedside and visualise their dreams coming true every night.

Currently, mine is in a box that serves as my sacred space.

So… What Next?

My feelings about my wish box and manifesting my dreams are very positive but I’ll be sure to update you with whatever happens next. If you have an experience with wish boxes or plan to make one I’d love to know so get in touch!

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