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What are your habits? Here are some great ones to brighten your life...

Weekly Habits for a Cleaner Life

In my efforts to live a more productive life, I have been trying to get into some better habits. One of these habits is bullet journalling which is handy in keeping myself organised. Each week I like to have a list of goals or things that I have achieved.

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Cleaning and DeclutteringCleaning

Thinking about the cleaning you have to get done can feel pretty stressful. What doesn’t feel stressful though is having a decluttered home. Sitting down after a long cleaning session feels amazing, you can look around and see everything sparkly clean- what a relief! If you’re able to work on decluttering your home, that’ll feel wonderful too (sometimes it is better to get rid of things rather than just try to reorganise your stuff!).

Deep Clean

Trying to do too much at once can be overwhelming. There is a way to make sure you get things done, without stressing out, though. Make a list of deep cleaning tasks you want achieved within a time frame. Once you have decided what needs doing, you can split up the jobs and make sure you get one or more things done each week. Additionally, keeping note of what you have done, and when will make you feel more organised and productive.

Quality Time With Loved Ones

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Spending quality time with the people important to you can be easy to overlook. You may not have hours to spare travelling each week to see a huge list of people, but even taking the time to write a letter or make a phone call will make a difference.

Making time to get in contact with your friends and family, and arrange more frequent meet ups can have a great impact. If you get into the habit of regular contact, then you’re much more likely to get around to meeting up with the people you don’t always get to see.

Self Care

Painting Nails

There are a few activities I like to set time aside for each week. The best activities to choose are ones that fill you with childlike glee. Pick things that are fun and bring you a sense of joy.

For me, this is often painting my nails. So at least once a week I will aside time to pamper myself in this way.


Personally, I find reading a great self-care activity. It is a great way to learn something new or increase your knowledge of an interesting subject. One of my favourite topics is spirituality, but I also love a good fictional piece.


If you’re not a lover of reading, you can still benefit from educating yourself in other ways. Why not try an online course, or listen to a podcast series about something that interests you? By expanding your world to include more things that excite you, you are paving the way for unexpected opportunity.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation is something that makes a great regular practice but at the very least it is good to achieve once a week. Alternatively, try mindfulness practices. You can easily fit mindfulness practises into your schedule because they can be carried out when doing simple everyday tasks such as eating, drinking or travelling from place to place.

Writing- Photo Credit to Hannah Olinger on UnsplashWriting

As someone who is working with the Law of Attraction to create my life, I am a huge fan of using writing to raise my vibration and help keep me happy. One of the things I like to do daily, is letters of gratitude to the Universe. Within these, I talk about all the things that make me happy, and that I am grateful for. Additionally, I will write about the things I want to manifest into my life as I feel this works really well for me.

Fuelling Your Body

Food- Photo Credit to Hermes Rivera on UnsplashHave a Good Relationship with Food

Show your appreciation for you body by what you feed it and how you treat it. Recently I have been making an extra effort to appreciate all the food I eat- whether it be chocolate or a plate of vegetables. The relationship you have with your food is so important, regardless of what it is you are choosing to eat. Try to be thankful for everything you eat and it will make you feel happier about your eating habits.

Drink Well

You may of course, drink anything you like through the day but it is really important to drink water regularly. Although it may not give you a boost of energy in the same way exercise or food might, it will keep you feeling stronger and healthier.

If you’re into gratitude like me, try being really positive towards your water. Water is really affected by energy and there have been fascinating studies to show this. Water that you’re going to drink is surely going to make you feel better if it is influenced by positive energy that negative.

Another way to positively charge your water is by drinking it from a crystal water bottle. Not only are these really pretty but they’ll help keep your vibration up.

Keep Up the ExerciseMusic- Photo Credit to Malte Wingen on Unsplash

When I say exercise, I don’t necessarily mean join a class or follow a rigid schedule. Do something that you enjoy, whether it is meeting up for a class with friends or just doing 5 minutes of yoga to wake yourself up or relax at the end of the day.

One of my favourite things to do at the moment is dance… And I don’t mean that I gracefully practice ballet. As often as I can I like to pick some upbeat music and embrace my inner child by bouncing around the room. (My favourite music for this is a good old Disney playlist). Don’t worry about being seen or about judgement (even from yourself). It really gives you an amazing sense of freedom! Plus, really throwing yourself into a crazy singing and dancing routine can make you laugh and fill you with endorphins. If there’s anything on the list I really recommend you give a go it’s this one.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and love these habits that will leave you feeling cleaner and happier!

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