Social Media for Self Care

How do you feel after using social media? You can improve your relationship with social media and learn how to use it for self care...

Can social media be used as a tool for self-care and positivity?

Recently I have been a lot more active than ever before on social media. Obviously social media is a well-known promotion tool and I utilise it to help share my work on my blog. Becoming more interested, and writing more about living a spiritual lifestyle has drawn me to following spiritual accounts.

Who Do You Follow?

One of the great side effects of following other positive and spiritual people and businesses, is an element of self care. On the accounts linked to my blog, I follow people I find inspirational. Often this means that they post similar spiritual lifestyle quotes and ideas as me. The result of this is that my feed are full of wonderful information.

Every day I see posts and quotes about manifestation, living your best life and general positivity. Being exposed to these topics has felt really great and it has inspired creativity in me.

My Social Media Accounts Have Become Part of My Self Care

Scrolling through my feeds on Pinterest and Instagram now have a lovely, positive impact on my day. More often I find myself reciting affirmations and learning new ways to feel happy- all through social media!

Blogging Benefits

As a blogger, I find this particularly useful because I am able to boost my mood and motivation while I work. Accounts I follow share encouraging posts about self love, self care, being happy and living your best life. It is something that I really benefit from seeing and thinking about every day. Plus, it makes me enjoy my work even more than I already do!

Take a Break for Self Care

Of course, social media can also have negative affects. Often I find myself taking a break from my personal Facebook account. This is because I find that it can encourage feelings of disheartenment and loneliness. When you see lots of people doing amazing things and living what seem to be much better lives, it can make it difficult to appreciate your own life.

Although I think social media can be used for self care, sometimes, taking a break from social media can feel necessary. It can be that restricting your use of social media is good for your self care too.

Despite this, I really do think that you can use social media for self care and to promote self love. By carefully selecting positive and uplifting accounts to follow, you can expose yourself to inspirational quotes and affirmations. Finding accounts that are very active and regularly post things that make you feel good, you enhance your chances of seeing good news daily. This can really help to give you a happier, more grateful outlook.

Turn Social Media into Self Care

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time on social media, why not turn it into more of a self care activity? Find and follow people who inspire you and encourage you to feel better about your life, rather than feeling envious of theirs?

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