Self Care

Do you spare the time for self care? It is such an important use of your time, and you deserve it...

Self Care and the Importance of Investing in Yourself

Leading busy lives and being overwhelmed by social media and other aspects of life can leave us feeling drained. You may hear people lecture you on the importance of self care and wonder if it is worth it. After all, can you spare the time?

Self-care really is important and if you’re worried about the time it’ll take then you can choose easy activities to fit in your schedule.

Self Care

Self care can be anything from taking the time to relax with a book in the evening, or cooking yourself a healthy meal to keep your body in shape. In truth, learning to take proper care of yourself is more of a lifestyle choice. It can be easy to just see self-care as spending an hour a day having a relaxing bath and think that you couldn’t possible cut that time out of your schedule. However, getting into self care routines can just mean being more mindful with your time.

If you have times in the day that you would spend travelling or cleaning the house, then you can turn them into opportunities. While you’re doing certain tasks, try listening to podcasts and learning something new.

Self Investment

Far too often, we feel guilty spending money on taking ourselves for a spa day. Instead that money might be spent on clothes that you love but don’t need, or maybe buying a spontaneous gift for a loved one.

In reality, we should feel more able to invest in self-care. Spending money on experiences, relaxing or learning something can lead to changes in our mood. The more you experience, the more full your life will feel.

Ideas for Self Investment and Self Care

Get Rid of Stuff

Decluttering can feel amazing. Our physical space has a big impact on our mental state so clearing it up can feel like removing stress from your mind.

Reward yourselfSelf Care and Gifts for You

You tend not to avoid congratulating other people’s achievements so why bypass your own? I strongly recommend getting into a habit of giving yourself gifts. Not as an excuse to spend lots of money on things you don’t need, and this isn’t something that you should necessarily do very frequently. However, if you’re someone who struggles to reward themselves then you should try and change that.

If you’re opposed to spending lots of money, or if that isn’t an option then you can choose things that don’t cost you. Setting time apart for yourself to enrich your life can be as simple as borrowing a book from the library and teaching yourself a new craft or skill.

Go on a course

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but never got round to? Well don’t wait forever, if you have the money then set aside some time and go on a course. Perhaps you want to learn more about astrology or essential oils? Find somewhere that you can learn about something you’re interested in and you will feel a sense of satisfaction. The great feeling you get when you accomplish something you’ve been meaning to do forever is amazing and definitely worth it.

Courses can be free or paid. Hypothetically you could take some time off work and go on a short break where you can learn your desired skill- that would certainly make for an experience!

Have a Treatment

Go for something traditional and have a massage or spa day. Often it can be easier to set aside a day to invest in yourself than adding in a daily self care practice.


Incorporating exercise into your routine can really improve your body, your relationship with yourself (and food) and your mood. It’s definitely a great place to start if you’re looking to have great self care practices.

Get creative- there are so many wonderful ways to appreciate yourself. What are you favourite self care practices? Make sure to take care of yourself in order to live your best life!

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