Romantic Evening on a Budget

Is it time for you to arrange a spontaneous romantic evening?

Spontaneous Romantic Evening- On a Budget

Lighten the Mood Without Lightening Your Pockets

Living on a budget can be really stressful, so take the time to arrange a lovely romantic evening.

The Meal

Arrange a favourite meal of theirs, served with a relaxing glass of alcohol. To keep the cost low I would recommend making the meal a homemade one. If cooking really isn’t your thing, don’t despair you could opt for a takeaway as an alternative, depending on your budget. The atmosphere you create is the important thing, so even without spending time in the the kitchen you can have a spontaneous romantic evening.

Set the Table

Once you have the meal sorted, you should set the table. Pull out all the stops- your best silverware, candles and napkin holders.

If your budget stretches to a small gift then add that to the table too. When I say a gift, I’m not suggesting that you spend lots of money just think of something that will make them smile. Generally I go for an edible present like favourite sweets or cheese strings (my partner’s preference) but even a flower would work. After all, it is the thought that counts.


Careful planning and accessorising with minor decorations change the ambience and set the mood. Even if you can’t afford to take your partner out to dinner, you can still have a romantic evening at home.

PlanPhoto Credit to Jamie Street on Unsplash

Planning and preparation is key and necessary for a successful surprise romantic evening. If you’re one for perfect timing, be ready to take their coat when they come in. Have the table set, pull out their chair for them and serve the meal.

For an additional touch, refrigerate a glass for their drink and prepare an ice cube tray.

If your partner is a desert lover, set something aside for an after dinner treat. You could prepare a movie for after dinner or go for a walk together. Make the evening memorable for you and your partner in a personal way by doing something you know you’ll both enjoy.

Brownie Points

This is all sure to score you some major brownie points! Relationships are hard work¬†and it can be difficult to enjoy time together when you can’t afford to go out. Despite that, you should still make the effort and that doesn’t need to mean spending a ton of money.


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