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Earlier this week, I wrote about my experience of studying Reiki. For anyone wishing to study Reiki, I thought I would give some recommendations for booking a course.

Choosing a Reiki Course

What Type of Course is For You

When you start looking into studying Reiki, you may be slightly overwhelmed about all the different types. Some courses will be for Crystal Reiki, others traditional Usui, and some teach Reiki for animals.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing one of these, what my Reiki teacher expressed, is that learning the traditional Reiki means that you can do Crystal Reiki or animal Reiki without the need for an extra course. However, in her opinion, learning the traditional method will give you a wider range of knowledge. Other courses are specialised which is not always in your best interests.

This is entirely up to you though, if you only intend to use Reiki with crystals, then a course based on that would be perfect for you. It is work noting though, that it may be a little harder for you to work with Reiki without the crystals if you should want to at any point.

Notes About Repeating Attunements

Booking a Reiki course- what it is worth considering?

It is also worth noting that once you have had your Level 1 attunements, that taking them again on a different course will not give you anything extra than the first tie you received them. While it is possible, and you may feel the energy, you will not walk away with anything more than you did when you had them the first time.

Online Vs In Person

Where will you study your Reiki course? Will you choose an online course or go along in person?

When I was looking into taking a Reiki course, I considered taking an online course because I sometimes feel anxious in learning environments. However, I felt that personally I would have a better experience by going learning from someone.

Understandably, it is not always convenient or possible to go along to see someone to take a Reiki course and I think it is amazing for there to be online options. Despite this, I felt a lot better about supporting someone local who could teach me. Also, when it comes to practising, it helped to have someone there with me to give me guidance and suggestions. Most Reiki masters will continue to support you and answer any questions you have after the course. In this case, it is really nice for that to be someone you know personally.

Group Vs. One to One

Depending on the area you live in, your choices about group Reiki courses may be restricted. Though I could’ve chosen to learn alongside another student, I chose to study one-to-one. This was because I can be nervous and I didn’t want to feel shy and hold myself back when trying to learn.

Group sessions can be amazing though, especially for sociable people who like learning with other people. Sharing an experience like Reiki can be wonderful, allow you to develop new friendships and see how it affects different individuals. Additionally, it allows you to practice on other students which can be really enjoyable and encouraging.

Choosing Your Reiki Master

Fortunately, I didn’t have to spend too long thinking about who I wanted to study with. After I had decided that I wanted to choose a local Reiki master, I looked into learning with a woman I had seen before for a psychic reading.

Because I had met her before and had read glowing reviews about her, it was a pretty instantaneous decision for me. Of course if you don’t know anyone who does teach, look into recommendations and make sure to ask your prospective teacher any questions you have before the course.

Money Concerns

Should you spend your money on a Reiki course?

Are you concerned about it being worth the cost? Depending on where you study and who you study with, Reiki can be an expensive art to learn. In my experience it doesn’t always have to be, but I think it is worth paying a little more to support someone who is local or who you really connect with.

Considering the exchange of money for a skill really helps to part with the money, if it is concerning you. Having a lifelong skill and being open to the art of healing is a beautiful thing- and certainly worth a day of your time and parting with a hundred pound or so!

Having to save the money for it can really help you appreciate the value of what you are getting. And that is an important part of Reiki, exchange and appreciation.

Go Forth and Learn

If you decide to study Reiki, I hope this post gave you some helpful information. I have a post about my experience if you are curious about what to expect.

Have an amazing time embarking on your Reiki journey!

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