Reiki Level 1- My Experience

Have you ever thought about studying the art of Reiki? This is my experience of Reiki Level 1...

Learning and growing spiritually has made me feel more drawn to subjects that always interested me, that I never pursued. One of these things was Reiki.

Reiki means Universal Life Force and it is an energy healing technique. There are basic principles, guidelines for use and three levels to become a Master Reiki practitioner. When I started researching Reiki, the Universe kept sending me signs that I should become a Reiki practitioner myself.

As a child, I always wanted to help others, and in adulthood this is still true. Wanting to help others is why I think Reiki fits almost perfectly with who I am and want to be. Learning how to use Reiki meant I would have the ability to heal myself and others.

The Signs

The universal call to study Reiki

The Universe began really encouraging me to study Reiki. The Universe is known to communicate in signs and it sent me many; I would see Reiki courses pop up in adverts and on social media, I would hear it in conversations and people would talk to me about it. The more I learnt and saw these signs, the more ready I felt to go on this journey.

As I set myself goals and starting manifesting for 2019, I put in my list that I would study Reiki level 1. So by mid-January I had booked my course with a lovely local lady who I had been to before for a reading, and on the 22nd I went along.

What I Expected

Before I booked my course I did some research about what Reiki Level 1 was all about. Despite having looked through what typically happened, I was still a bit nervous. As someone with a tendency to be slightly anxious, I like to know what’s exactly what will happen, so I feel secure and prepared.

In Reiki Level 1, which is usually one day (or one and a half), you leave with a certificate to practice. In a day you become able to practice which is a bit nerve wracking.

Reiki Level 1- On the Day

Reiki level 1 course materials

On the day of the course I took my lunch, bag (with money and a notebook), and set off. Once I arrived I quickly got settled and ready to learn. I was given a folder with the course material (which was mine to keep), and we got straight into learning about the history of Reiki. At certain intervals, we paused for me to have initiation ceremonies (otherwise known as attunements).


Everyone has different experiences of these initiation ceremonies. Where some people see vivid imagery (or have fantastical dreams that night), some feel an energy surge and others don’t feel anything at all.

My personal experience was just feeling a slight energy change that I could only describe at the time as ‘odd’. During one or two of the attunements I saw some shadowy images while my eyes were closed but it was nothing I could identify.

The Rest of the Course

After looking at the history, principles and guidelines of Reiki, I learned about the hand positions. Following this, I received and gave my Reiki master Reiki.

Giving Reiki for the First Time

Reiki energy healing

Once I had received Reiki healing, I was given the chance to practice and use it for the first time. At first it felt like being thrown in the deep end- after all, I’d only spent a few hours learning and then magically I was supposed to be able to do this amazing healing!

Fortunately, it really works like that! Amazingly, the first time I used it, I was able to feel the energy flowing through my hands. I was really lucky and felt very grateful for that because not everyone feels it in the beginning. Though it works straight away, not everyone feels it so strongly.

Concluding Reiki Level 1

Finishing the course included a final attunement, a talk about the day, answering questions, encouragement and a shiny (sadly not literally) new certificate!

By the end of the day I felt absolutely amazing, having gained this new lifelong skill that will help myself and others. My Reiki master was lovely and really supportive. She made sure I felt comfortable getting in contact if I needed to at any time.

Officially a Reiki Practioner

Officially a Reiki (level 1) practitioner

Achieving one of my 2019 goals so early in the year felt amazing and I am so grateful for being able to take the course with such a wonderful teacher. Already I have been practising as much as I can! I’m so excited and to see where my Reiki journey takes me.

What is your experience of Reiki? Is it a skill you would like to have? If you’re ready to book a course, why not read my recommendations for learning Reiki!

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