Organised Gift Giving and Present Planning Through the Year

Photo by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Organised Gift Giving– and avoiding the day-before-panic

Photo- Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Present Planning

This year I had one New Year’s resolution, and I was determined to see it through. Normally when it comes to gift giving, I am not the best and I wanted to remedy that. In my experience not much is worse than the day-before-panic when you realise you haven’t got a present; it often ends with anxiously rushing to a supermarket, grabbing a card and some chocolates and hoping it doesn’t seem rushed!

While there’s nothing wrong with a good box of chocolates for a gift, being so rushed is no benefit for you or the receiver of the gift so this article is about my solutions to the organisation problem. If you want to read more about my gift organisation techniques, feel free to check out my ‘Tips for Gift Organisation’.

The Beauty of a List- and how it can help to organise your year

If you’re anything like me then any opportunity to write a list is taken with enthusiasm (and certainly to not procrastinate). I love writing a good list… then editing it, re-writing it and making a final draft with a pretty pen in my neatest handwriting but they’re a very handy tool in organisation.

This year I am using two lists to keep my year organised and to prepare for gift giving:

  1. A Present Calendar
  2. The Running List of Gift Ideas

A Present Calendar

This special calendar lists all the people you plan to get a present, the occasion you need it for and the date you need it by. So far this year I have found it very handy in keeping my usually disorganised self in check and on track. I confess, the list I have now is only a final draft complied of all the others I had made; but the final one is clearly laid out and arranged in date order and I feel productive just looking at it.

Present List

This list is less structured and therefore less pretty but good all the same. On this list I keep a list of names and ideas I have for what to get them – this is perfect to keep as an ongoing list somewhere accessible like your phone.

Every time you are out with someone or having a conversation and they mention something they like or would love, you sneakily take note and then come the present giving occasion you have a better starting place.

Another good way to find good gift ideas – and this is a favourite of mine – is to have a look through Pinterest. Whether you’re more into crafting or are looking for ideas of what to buy for that awkward person in your life, there are bound to be ideas aplenty on this site.

The Perks of Being Organised

There are many great things about having all your gifts ready in advance – the feeling of satisfaction, being able to budget better and avoiding last minute panic to name a few.

Planning ahead gives you the advantage of being able to really personalise even the most generic gift. For someone like myself who loves to craft, adding fancy ribbons and decoration can be almost as exciting as receiving a gift yourself; but even if that isn’t your favourite thing, planning ahead gives you time to research a way to tailor your gift to the receiver which is always appreciated. After all- you might love a box of your favourite chocolates no matter what, but don’t your appreciate it all the more if it is beautifully gift wrapped with a note about the first time they realised you loved it (for example)?




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