My Tarot Experience- A Journey Begins

I am loving learning the art of tarot! Are you on a tarot journey?

What I Love About Tarot

What I love about tarot...

To me, Tarot is a truly beautiful system that has been sharing insights for so many years. When you learn to read Tarot, you can use it as a wonderful and very personal guidance system. It is an amazing way to explore your life and feelings. Additionally, it can be a way of deepening your intuition- and is a creative, artistic self help and self care tool.

Feeling Drawn to Tarot

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by Tarot. When I was a child I saw decks in book shops and spiritual shops and although I didn’t quite understand them, I wanted to.

When I got a bit older, I distanced myself from that desire to immerse myself in and learn the language of Tarot. Maybe it wasn’t the right time then for me.

Recently however, I have felt the call to Tarot again and this time, I have let that draw to it pull me into the world I’ve admired for years. 

A Reading and a Deck

Learning the art of tarot

In the past 8 months or so, I have had experiences that have led to me opening myself up to spirituality. Now I have new practices that make me feel so much happier and more loving because of the work I have been doing on myself.

Following this journey led me to a Mind, Body, Spirit festival. At the festival there were a few readers and I decided I wanted to have a reading. I found a lovely lady who read the cards for me. My first experience of having a Tarot reading was really exciting and informative.

After I’d had a Tarot reading, I wanted to get my own deck and start learning to interpret the cards myself. I had been speaking to my Aunt about it and she kindly sent me my first deck. The deck she purchased for me was the Wildwood deck. The deck from Mark Ryan and John Matthews and is full of beautiful imagery. Another lovely aspect of this deck is the concept of travelling through the Wildwood, experiencing the Wheel of the Year.

Branching Out

Because I was at the beginning of my journey, I joined a Facebook group for Tarot readers. I am really glad I did, because it’s an amazing platform to learn and share information. Another way I learn more about Tarot is by following accounts on Instagram and watching YouTube videos. There is a wealth of information and while I am still very new to Tarot, I already have a long wish list of decks and feel very passionate about learning more.

Beginning My Tarot Journey

Have you begun your tarot journey? I am learning and loving mine so much!

At the moment I am using lots of different resources to deepen my understanding of Tarot.

Podcasts, apps, YouTube, Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, Pinterest and blogs are all great sources of information.

What are does Tarot mean to you? If it’s something that interests you I highly recommend having a reading. Another way to get started would be to download a free app and start learning card meanings. Alternatively you can pick up a deck without spending a fortune and start there!

Happy Tarot-ing!

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