My Manifestation Education- Manifesting Money and Oslo

Not convinced about manifestation? My manifestation education led to a trip to Oslo and money for doing it!

My Manifestation Education- Manifesting Oslo

Recently I have been investing in learning about manifestation. Following my manifestation education, I wrote about creating a Wish Box and Learning about Manifesting.

Now I am writing up my experience following my journey of manifestation. A wonderful opportunity was presented to me that helped me achieve one of my wishes.

What Did I Manifest?Manifesting Olso

One of my biggest manifestation wishes, like many other people, has been MONEY! Financially I want to achieve independence and be able to support myself, my partner and our desired lifestyle.

Maybe manifesting a trip to Oslo sounds more like an expense than receiving a pile of cash? The universe works in mysterious ways, and the two are more related than they seem at first.

My uncle, living in Norway, reached out and asked for my help with childcare for 2 weeks. Not only were my expenses covered (food, flights etc.), but I was paid for it too. Money manifesting in action.

Learning Beyond the Manifestation

Visiting another country and travelling alone for the first time was something was far outside my comfort zone. According to many people, outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

Manifesting and the Universe

My journey taught me so much; especially about myself and what I am capable of.

When thinking about manifesting money, we are told that it may not come from a place you expect. Because of this, I assumed that money was all I would receive (if I got anything at all).

Instead, I got an amazing gift package from the universe! Now I have my passport (which I had needed but procrastinated about for ages), experience travelling abroad alone and a better bond with my adorable cousins.

Money might be what I thought I needed, but the life experience I gained was just as important.


Practising appreciation and reciting affirmations are fantastic habits to get into. I believe that these things heightened my experience in an amazing way. The more I appreciate the things in my life, the more positive my experiences become.

It is possible that my positivity is responsible but I ended up with extra money than I had been promised for the trip. Now I feel really enthusiastic about manifestation and am looking forward to what is coming next.

Manifest, Manifest, Manifest

My journey with manifestation has just started but I’m really excited to see where it goes. I hope you enjoyed this post, and have great experiences with manifestation too! Please get in contact by commenting, emailing or using the social media links on my site.

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