My Manifestation Education- Learning About Manifestation

Learning about manifestation was an amazing start to an incredible journey- are you ready for your manifestation education?

My Manifestation Education- And The Changes It’s Bringing

Meditation- Photo Credit to Kristen Sturdivant

So recently I have dived into learning all about manifestation in the hope that it will help me change my life. Making this conscious decision has lead to many reading sessions, listening to

Podcasts and discovering amazing bloggers who have really inspired me.

Why Manifestation?

My desire to learn more about manifestation has developed from a variety of sources, but one of them would be after completing a Wish Box, I felt the urge to make sure those things really did happen for me.

What Have I Learned From Manifestation?

The universe provides! Learn to listen to yourself, what you truly want and trust the universe. Trust me, I know exactly how that sounds but if you look at how many people this works for, you may start to believe it can work for you too. One of my primary beliefs is that you see the life you believe to be there; if you believe in the universe and begin looking out for all the signs and opportunities it brings then you will see those things. Or, you will be more aware of things that happening anyway and attest them to being because of the universe.

For you, changing your life may not mean aligning yourself with the universe, it may be leaning more on the Gods you believe in- for example. Some people are more naturally inclined towards certain religions and they really benefit them. Personally, I have always felt a pull towards spirituality and the energy inside of us so this is what I am using to change my life.

My Manifestation Education Sources

While I believe that this is a life long education that will never truly stop, I think there are great places to being. Again, these journeys are very personal so there will be things that resonate with you and things that don’t. It is important to work with your natural drive towards things, don’t force it. If something doesn’t quite sit right with you then don’t feel as though you must carry on with it because it is more likely to end up discouraging you or driving you in the opposite direction than you want to moving be in.

EAM- Energy Alignment Method

A few weeks ago, my Mum told me about EAM and the 5 day challenge; this was something that had popped up on her FaceBook and she shared it with me (the universe provides). It was an inspiring week and taught us both about our energy, what was prohibiting us from manifesting what we wanted and how to remedy that. This was one of the amazing things that has helped to adjust my mindset, which in turn has begun to let me change things in my life for the better.


Another source of my manifestation education was through Pinterest; blogs about spirituality, energy and manifestation. One of the blogs that really spoke to me was Jessica Dimas’ blog. She works a lot with the moon and how to manifest and I just really loved the way she writes.


Podcasts have also been really helpful; I have discovered Miss Manifestation who I listen to and I am finding that listening to Podcasts have replaced the background TV that I used to put on while I worked. Not only is this much better for my concentration but I am able to learn more about what I am interested in rather than watching distracting fabricated dramas.


Reading! I could not encourage anyone to read enough. In the past I have used reading as a form of escapism from the life that I wanted to avoid. Now, however I am invested in reading about subjects that educate me to change my mindset or help in the life that I am living. I am no longer trying to escape my life but change it into something I no longer feel the need to avoid.


Be in nature. This is a massive cliche, I know but people say it for a reason. Even if you want to be scientific, being outside in the natural light has a really positive impact on you so make the time to step outside and go for a walk. Now I am finding that even if I go out in hideous weather I am finding things to be happy about because I am expecting them to be there.

What Has Manifestation Brought Into My Life

Meditation- Photo Credit to Jared Rice

You may read this and consider the changes that have occurred for me to be very small, but to me they are just the start. These are changes that I have made because I have decided what I want to manifest and these are actions I am taking to start living the life I want. One of the things that I have learnt, is that manifestation is not just about wishing something into existence; often you need to take action to start the process.

Manifesting Better Health

A manifestation goal of mine relates to my health- physical and mental. Not only do I (especially as someone who deals with anxiety and depression) want to strengthen my mind, but I want to feel comfortable in my body. The way I want my body to look has less relevance than how I want to feel. As someone who used to dance several times a week, I miss the strength I once has and that is something I want to regain. It is my belief that once my body feels the way I want it to, it will look how I want it to.

In order to achieve my health related goals, I have been eating better, drinking more water and avoiding things like sugar and caffeine. The effect that this has had is that I feel more energised and able to exercise; now I have incorporated 20 minutes of yoga and meditation into my morning routine.

The Changes I Am Experiencing

The changes that I have made to my life are small to me but they have all had an effect that is leading towards the life I want to make for myself. By doing my yoga and mediation, my mind and body feel healthier so I feel more able to achieve tasks with work and my home life. By eating better and drinking more water, I feel more inclined to exercise and all these things boost my mood.

My mindset has adjusted too. Because I am working on being more in tune with my body, I feel happier and more grateful; because I am happier I expect good things to happen to me and so they do. Negativity breeds negativity so surely the opposite is true. Educating myself on these ideas and adding positive affirmations into my routines have really enhanced my positivity in the past month or so. While there are still bad things that happen, or things that get me down, I am a lot more able to let go of them and focus on the good things and what I am grateful for.

What is Next?

Maybe I haven’t reached my bigger goals yet, but I feel more passionate about my path following my energy and manifestations. In the coming months I am hoping to use my new mindsets and knowledge about manifestation to increase my income, change my work life and build a more comfortable living situation.

What experiences do you have with manifestation? Do you ever feel like the universe is helping you out, or maybe you feel like it is out to get you? I would really love to hear from you so please get in touch by commenting or using my social media links.

Happy Manifesting!

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