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What's your morning routine? I love having one to help start the day right...

Having a Morning RoutineMorning Routine

A morning routine is something that you may already have in place. If you typically get up at a certain time and have an ordered pattern of activities you do then that’ll be yours. Many people are interested in having a routine because of the many benefits the structure can provide.

So why should we have morning routines? Often you find that they are listed as something that successful people do to start their day. Creating a morning routine really sets you up for the day and it is a good way to get into some better habits.

So What Should a Morning Routine Include

There are no set rules for what a morning routine should include. One of my friends’ morning routines just involves getting up, showering, having breakfast in front of the TV and then getting ready for work.

If you’re looking to make the most of a morning routine, there are certain practices that are recommend by many people. For example, you may have heard people suggesting exercising in the morning or the importance of eating breakfast.

What is My Experience of Having a Morning RoutineMorning Routine

A few months ago, I got myself into a new morning routine. When I was working shifts, I found it difficult to practice a routine as I would be awake different hours of the day. Now however my schedule is more regular and so I have one.

Since starting my morning routine, I have had mixed experiences. In the beginning I was very dedicated and found it easy to follow a schedule. Unfortunately I had a period of time where I went abroad and was looking after a baby (which made it difficult) and then I have been feeling unwell. It has allowed me to clearly see that having a morning routine really has a positive impact when I am able to follow it. My days start with more energy and are more productive when I manage to follow my routine. The practices that I include in my morning routine focus on self care so I feel much more positive when I am able to do them.

What Does My Morning Routine Include

My morning routine may seem quite extensive but the more I am able to do, the better my day seems to go. I don’t pressure myself to get all of these things done every day because otherwise I would struggle to do them at all.

Get Up Earlier

A few years ago, I would never have classed myself as a morning person- for me, it was something to dread. Now however, I am finding it much easier to wake up earlier and I enjoy the day so much more when I do.

When you wake up earlier, you have more time to invest in good habits like exercising or eating a healthy breakfast. Once you are in the practice of getting up at a set time in the morning, it can improve the quality of your sleep and being in a routine will help your daily productivity.

WaterGlass of Water

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can have some great health benefits. After going for hours without drinking while you sleep, you become dehydrated. Drinking water in the morning will hydrate you, help flush toxins out of your system and boost your metabolism. It is definitely something that is worth starting the day with. Additionally, if you’re looking to start a morning routine and you know that it takes around 40 days to get into a habit, this is a relatively easy place to start.

Morning Pages

This is a popular writing exercise that helps you clear your mind of all the excess information. With doing the morning pages, there is no need for proper punctuation or even full sentences. The idea is more about decluttering your mind.

Making the morning pages part of your routine can help you feel more clear-headed and prepared for the day. For this reason, it is a great thing to start doing- especially at the beginning of the day.

BreakfastMorning Routine

Don’t underestimate the importance of breakfast! I know that not everyone is a lover of breakfast but there are some great ways to help ease yourself into the habit. For example, you could buy fruit and start with just having a piece of fruit for breakfast if you don’t usually eat in the mornings. It would be great if you could start a new habit that was healthy and this way, your body will feel better and so will you!

Do you struggle to get up in the mornings, or find the time to have breakfast? You could easily buy or make something instant that you can take out the door with you. Alternatively, if the morning doesn’t seem to have enough time already, then make something the previous evening so it is ready for the next day.


Exercise- Morning Routine

Even 10 minutes of exercise can have a great impact on you and if you’re able to get it done in the morning, you will feel more energetic and ready for the day. Doing exercise doesn’t need to mean going out for a run, or visiting the gym even. My morning exercise is just a personal yoga and stretching routine. Sometimes, to change it up it can be nice to follow an exercise video- there are so many available you are sure to find something to your liking.


Mediation is a fantastic practice to get into. There are many proven benefits and it can really make you feel better. For example, it can reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

Podcasts or Music

While I enjoy watching TV, I know that it is too easy for one episode can turn into a day of sitting in front of a screen. Especially in the mornings, I try to avoid putting the TV on. Instead I put some relaxing spa music on or learn something new by listening to a Podcast or two.

Set Daily Goals

Setting goals can make you feel more accomplished. Rather than rushing around and losing yourself in the tasks of the day, if you can sit down and prioritise you may feel like you get more done. Personally, I love to use timesheet and checklists so I can clearly see what I have achieved throughout the day. It really increases my productivity and I begin to feel much more positive about my work and my chores.


Gratitude and Affirmations

When we are busy and living life, it can be easy to forget to be grateful or take the time to improve our confidence. This things are really important because they really boost your mood and make life feel so much better. Instead of feeling irritated about the day, if you can try and find a list of things to be grateful for, it will start to change your attitude. Over time, you will start to look for things to be grateful for and that will become naturally noticing them.

Affirmations are also great for improving your mental state. You may not feel overly stressed or down but there are sure to be things that you would prefer to feel more confident about. Choosing affirmations is a very personal process but there is inspiration on Pinterest for example. Here is more information or ideas about affirmations and how they can help you.

Do You Have a Morning Routine?

If you already have a morning routine, what do you think the impact of it is? Would you consider changing or adding some of these new habits? I hope you enjoyed this post, please get in contact through social media or by leaving a message on the site.

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