Having More Positive Social Media Experiences

What are your typical experiences of using social media? Get ready to have a more positive relationship with social media!

Have you been hearing that social media encourages feelings of loneliness and being unsatisfied with life? One of the huge downsides to having so much access to seeing other people’s lives, is getting an unrealistic impression. When you see so many other people living lives that seem so successful or fun, you may compare your own and feel lacking.

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What To Do?

What is the answer then? Should we be avoiding social media altogether, or should it be that people post more accurately about their lives on the whole? Certainly we can’t expect other to change their habits, but we can adjust our own to improve our feelings about social media.

Tips For More Positive Social Media Experiences


Social media in moderation

As with most things, practising moderation is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with social media (and the people you follow on it).

One of the benefits of spending less time looking at other people’s lives and accomplishments online, is giving yourself the time to really enjoy your own. Practising mindfulness encourages you to live in the present moment. Focus on gratitude and what you have, and you more are likely to feel positive about the good things that other people are posting.

Re-purpose Your Use of Social Media

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What do you use social media for- Do you use it to keep in touch with people you know, or to keep eye on what’s happening with them? Or do you use it for work?

While these are both good uses for social media, using it for other things too, can allow you to enjoy your time on it more. If you mainly use it for work, you could use it to follow inspiration or motivational people and accounts. And if you tend to just use it to talk to other people, why not find topics that interest you to follow? Mixing things up will discourage feelings of dissatisfaction with life.

Follow Different Accounts

Instead of mostly following people you know, choose active accounts that inspire you or encourage self-love and happiness. This way, you are going to see a lot more posts about topics that interest you and are more worldly. By adding in more of these, you are exposing yourself to posts that are going to make you think more and feel better.


Instead of just following people you know, connecting with people a little further outside of your typical circles can really benefit you. One of the amazing things about the internet is how far it reaches; there is so much access to information about things you love or want to learn more about. Similarly, you can get in touch with people who have more of your interests. In smaller towns or communities, or even if you struggle to talk with people in person, it can be difficult to find people you really connect with.

Social media gives you opportunities to find people to chat to about your ambitions, ideas and interests. It can be great to find people who are really on your wavelength and sometimes it can be good for you to have people outside of your immediate circle of family and friends to communicate with.

Experiences of social media

What are your experiences of social media? I hope this post was useful and enjoyable. Thank you for reading!

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