Give a Gift to Show You Care

How do you show your loved ones you care?

Give a Gift and Show Them You Know Them

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Present giving doesn’t need to be reserved for just special occasions. Sometimes, you can just give someone a present to express how you feel and that you care.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should spend all your savings on something beautiful and shiny. A better example would be the smaller gifts that my boyfriend and I like to bring home for each other. Again, this doesn’t have to be something you do a lot, in fact it will be more special if you save if you don’t do it so often.

The feeling you get at the end of the day when you’re surprised, is one of the best ones. Knowing that they thought of you enough to bring you something they knew you’d love to make you smile, is amazing.

Make Life a Little More Enjoyable

My experience living with my partner has been my greatest adventure yet. Granted, I am only 20 and I don’t exactly have much life experience but I still think my point is valid. Unfortunately, at the moment we have to adhere to a relatively tight budget which, if you can relate, you’ll know to be stressful. Therefore, the activities you love doing together, like trips or meals out can become limited.

The effect of being at home with a very little spare money, being unable to afford amazing adventures can result in tension. Not only with how you feel but also between two partners. Even if that isn’t the case (and I hope it isn’t) it is important to still treat each other and show you care.

As aforementioned, this needn’t mean spending a small fortune. By all means, if you have the money to spend on them do- make them feel special by arranging something they’d love. An evening out doing something they’d love. However, if you’re saving pennies like me, here are a few budget gift ideas to make them feel as cherished as they are.

Additionally, knowing you made someone a little happier, will make you feel good too!

Budget Gift Ideas

Massage- With this one, you don’t necessarily need to spend any money at all. Give them a perfect end to the day by setting up a relaxed environment, maybe with some music, and massage them. Massages can be emotionally intimate which can be great for your relationship. Providing for your partner, even just relaxation can feel wonderful for both of you.

Photo of Sweets- Joanna Kosinski on Unsplash

Edible Gifts- This can be anything from a selection of their favourite sweets to a dessert they can
enjoy after dinner. If you’re going for sweets, why not challenge yourself and spend less that £2 getting them a few perfect treats.

My boyfriends has a preference for Cheesestrings so that’s one of the typical things I might surprise him with. Similarly, he knows of my fondness for Creme eggs so he will surprise me with those.


Coffee- Stop off at a coffee shop and pick up their favourite beverage. You’ll have proved you know them by remembering their order (if you get it right) and they’ll be really appreciative. Think how you’d be if they did the same for you.

Be inspired. Search your memory and find the perfect (budget if necessary) gift. The purpose of the exercise really isn’t to spend loads of money or even to really go out of your way. After all, it’s the small things.

Not Just for Your Someone Special

How do you show people that you care? Surprising the people you love with small gifts can convey your feelings; actions can speak louder than words. Often it’s not just about telling people how you feel but showing them.

Don’t limit this to just your partner either! The friend you haven’t seen in a while, or the one who has been a bit under the weather will love it just as much. So will your beloved parents and family members; sure they deserve the world, but it’s the thought that counts.

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