Gift Wrap- The Importance of Wrapping Presents

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrap- The Importance of Wrapping Presents

Why Wrap Presents?

Wrapping presents can often seem time-consuming and frustrating, do you find yourself wondering if it is even worth it? Even if you enjoy the art of gift wrapping, there is a lot of hassle associated- you have to make sure you have gift wrap, scissors and sellotape. Once you have your supplies, you have to find a nice even surface to wrap your presents on… For someone lazy like myself it can seem like a waste of my time and effort. So, is it?

No, Take the Time and Wrap Those Gifts!

Think about it in reverse, it’s your special day and when you look at your gifts, you find some that are beautifully wrapped, and some gift bags cleverly concealing a gift or two. Now I am in no way condemning the use of gift bags- I love them! But I feel that the excitement lasts longer if you get to go through gift wrap first! 

Were you the kind of child who was so eager to tear through the wrapping to reveal your presents? I know some people prefer that to even looking at their presents! Unravelling gift wrap intensifies the feeling of intrigue you have about your gift, makes it more of a surprise. Odd as it may seem, the short time lapse between seeing an unwrapped gift as opposed to tearing through a layer of wrapping paper gives time for your feelings of excitement to build.

Why rob someone of that feeling? So when you decide not to wrap your gifts to that close friend or relative, you’re depriving them of that excitement and surprise.


Not only is gift wrap more exciting for the gift receiver, your present will seem so much more personal if you have made that extra effort. If you find it frustrating and time-consuming but you made the effort anyway, that shows!

Additionally, it enables you to specialise! Find gift wrap that is perfect for them, that will make them laugh when they see it. Make your gift so beautiful they almost can’t bear to open it, decorate it with ribbons and bows and turn it into a work of art.

Love the Art of Gift Wrapping

Personally, I love wrapping presents! Decorating presents with gorgeous paper and pretty ribbons. I have to admit to being the kind of girl who scrolls through Pinterest looking for tips on the perfect wrapping.

Throw yourself into the craft! Make this gift wrap your masterpiece, at the very least you can enjoy this too and you’ll love knowing how much they’ll appreciate that present-work-of-art.


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