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Best Gift Wrap Hacks- Saving Time and Effort

Gift Wrap

Does the idea of having to wrap presents ruin the idea of gift giving for you? Well, let me reassure you- I have a few handy tips to save you that stress!

Now, this post is not going to give you tutorials or lectures about becoming a better present wrapper. However, it will give you ideas on how to make your presents so eye-catching that even if your wrapping skills are non-existent (or disastrous) they won’t even notice!

So if you’re ready to stop hating wrapping and instead have gorgeous gift wrapping, read on!

DistractionWrapped Present- Freestock from Unsplash

My first gift wrap hack for you is distraction is key! If you can work some magic (or just use the wisdom I’ll impart here) then your decoration can detract from the wrapping.

Go Big or Go Home

Present toppers! Decorating the paper and present will ensure that the gift is eye-catching enough for them to forget about the state of your wrapping.

Alternatives To Buying Wrapping Paper- and why they’re better

Brown paper is probably my favourite wrapping paper alternative. Though it is much like wrapping paper, it is great for arty folk who enjoy the chance to make the wrapping more personalised. Plus, if you only need to buy one kind of paper, you could even be saving money by not investing in new wrapping paper for every occasion.

Newspaper or magazines are a classic alternative that people have used for years. Hypothetically, old newspaper and magazines are typically going to end up in the recycling (unless you’re nifty and have lots of other uses for them) so repurpose them. Newspapers can tear easily so take care, but remember it has that quality that makes it excusable.

Tissue paper, despite being slightly tricky because of how fragile it is, makes for very pretty gift wrap. And d’you know what? The fact that it is fragile just excuses the wrapping being a bit messy. No one expects clean cut folds when it comes to tissue paper because it just doesn’t work that way. At least you can use that to your advantage!

All these options are particularly great because they’re so customisable. Firstly it saves you from having to shop for birthday wrapping paper for old, young, female or male because you can just decorate it. Secondly, because you only have to buy one type of paper for multiple events you can save a few pennies!

So you Have Wrapped the Gift, Now What?

Decoration time!

Ribbons and string

Once you have have wrapped your gift, add some ribbons or use string to make it look pretty. You could always add a cute bow or present topper as well which will look great!

GlitterGlitter Photo Credit Ali Moshedlou on Unsplash

Sometimes I can be a little fussy about mess when it comes to glitter, but it’s so pretty and fun to use that I succumb to it anyway. As we all know, shiny things are very eye-catching so this is perfect for distracting them from you wrapping skills.

Stickers and Labels

Stickers can be used to cover up the ratty edges; if you don’t have stickers, you could cut out shapes that’ll cover the space and glue them over the top.

Stamps and Paints

Particularly if you have chosen plain wrapping like tissue paper or brown paper then using stamps and paints will make your present stand out in a great way. You could also just use the paint to cover the paper, decorate it and personalise it.

Hole Punch or Cut Outs

Why not get a nice hole punch and use the cut outs for decoration? Add them to the paper for decoration. If you’d rather not use a hole punch, you can always use pictures from magazines or photos to decorate with.


Why not decorate your sellotape with more tape? If you’ve made a mess of the wrapping then this will help you hide your mistakes.


Add a couple of sweets as present toppers, a gift on a gift is a great way to go!

I hope this post helps transform your gift wrapping experience and inspires you to make your present wrapping beautifully artistic! Please comment or share using the links on my site.











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