Do You Struggle With Overthinking? Make it a Positive

Want a magic trick? Here's how to turn your obsessive overthinking into your superpower!

Make Overthinking Your Superpower

Are You an Over Thinker?

What even is over thinking? Overthinking is the name we give to the process of thinking too much about something.

The problem that people associate with overthinking is that it can get you stuck in your own head and have you feeling unable to act. Essentially, instead of doing something productive, you end up trapped in a loop of thinking about something over and over again. If all you’re doing is obsessively thinking, you may feel uncomfortable and unable to proceed with making any choices.

For this reason, people consider overthinking to be a complete waste of time and energy. It is commonly thought that the opposite of overthinking is when you are able to think clearly and calmly. This in turn, allows you to make more effective decisions. While that is one argument, I have slightly different views about the situation.

So… is There a Positive Side to Overthinking?

Although people think that overthinking is a negative thing to be avoided, I believe that we can use it to our advantage. If overthinking is a habitual thing that you do often, why not turn in into a positive self-help tool and utilise it?

When you’re feeling like you’re in a cycle of negative repetitive thinking, STOP and put a positive spin on your thinking. Once you’re able to recognise that you’re doing it, you can take control and own that overthinking!

For example, if you were worrying about money and thinking about all the bills and payments coming up. You might be stressing about how the hell you’re going to afford to pay them. When you start to have these obsessive negative thoughts, take control and stop them right there! Instead, CHOOSE to overthink about how great you are with money and how you always make your payments in time and with money to spare! Think about how great it feels to know that you’re in charge of your finances and how abundant you are.

The Stop Exercise

If you’re finding it difficult to just stop overthinking, try and focus on the word ‘stop’ itself. Really concentrate on the shape of the word, and how it sounds. Visualise it until the chatter in your mind fades away. Once your mind is quiet again, you are ready to choose a thought that feels better.

If your negative thoughts start to overrun and make you feel overwhelmed, just use the Stop exercise until you feel ready to think about something else. You can use it as many times as you need to, don’t be disheartened if you find it takes a while not to be interrupted by other thoughts. It is a process of retraining your brain. Remember that we don’t always get to pick the thoughts that come into our minds, but we can choose which ones we give our focus and power.

Turn Overthinking Into Your SUPERPOWER!

The great thing about choosing our thoughts, is that we don’t even have to believe them at first. In time, if we keep choosing to affirm all these positive thoughts, we will end up believing ourselves.

Overthinking has become a hugely powerful self-help tool for me recently. Life has certainly thrown some tough-to-deal-with situations at me in the past few months but I have the power to choose to think positively about everything that happens. Yes, I could have panicked but would it have actually done anything for me?

Many people have told me in the past that there is no point ‘kidding myself’- that bad things happen and they will always happen. The thing is, I choose the thoughts that feel better than that one. They could be a complete lie, but if they make me feel good then isn’t that better than being miserable?

(Fun fact: you don’t have to be around people who believe the worst or negatively influence your thoughts and energy).

Working with positive affirmations, Law of Attraction and manifestation has helped me retrain my brain to look for, expect and see magic and miracles everywhere in my life.

Now I am much more aware of my ability to make myself happy (instead of holding other people responsible for that), living with gratitude, and how to get on the road to creating the life of my dreams.

Are you a negative over thinker? Try having a positive experience with it and watch the magic that follows!

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