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Why Now is the Best Time for Christmas Shopping

Not everyone loves Christmas as much as my family and I, but if you like being organised then you should start your Christmas shopping now! It is easy to get frustrated in October when you start being bombarded with festive decorations. However, getting ahead of the game (and I mean a few months ahead) can be a lifesaver.


You may be thinking that it is a waste of time to get started this early! But, I think the opposite is true. In the past, a typical Christmas has led to me stressing out in shops everyday leading up to the 25th. In a complete panic, I seem to spend all my time in shops! Desperation keeps me there, ensuring I have enough gifts for everyone and that no one has been forgotten.

Instead of doing that, I could have saved myself time and been organised earlier on. Keeping a list throughout the year of gift ideas and who needs presents, you can get everything sorted more easily.

Something I have noticed, is that people indirectly tell you what they would like. If you pay attention, you don’t even need to ask! The catch though, is they tend to do this in general conversations throughout the year. For example, they may say ‘I saw a book the other day that I really wanted’. Understandably, you may find it risky to buy certain things if you think they will buy it themselves but it can help with inspiration. It may be a good idea to keep a list handy so you can note them down and get something they really want or need!

Splitting up Christmas shopping up over a few months rather than waiting for the holiday season, can save you time. Maybe it’ll even save you money to book yourself in for a relaxing spa treatment. Why not relax while everyone else is running around doing their shopping?


When it comes to the holiday season, it can be easy to be taken in by the atmosphere. Shops can be overcrowded and overwhelming with people and advertising. You may be led to think that it saves money to wait for those holiday sales. While it may be true that you end up getting some amazing bargains, on the whole you tend to spend more money. Because so much is available to you, it may be harder to be disciplined with your purchases.

By planning everything in advance you can save yourself a fair few pennies. Not only does it prevent you from panic buying at the last minute, but it helps spread the cost. Instead of trying to accumulate savings for the occasion, you can spend smaller amounts over a larger period of time. Your bank account is sure to thank you.


Now I love Christmas, and sometimes it is nice to indulge in being surrounded by hustling folk with festive drinks rushing around in the busy season. What I don’t love, is being stuck in hideously long queues, being overly stressed and worrying about the costs of Christmas shopping.

By preparing further in advance, I can take a more relaxing shopping trip without being stressed about needing to find a random gift for everyone I know. Not everyone would still venture out given the choice but I love seeing the Christmas lights and feeling festive. Arguably, it is so much more enjoyable because I can now do that without panicked present buying.

Top Tips

Be prepared to note down gift ideas throughout the year. This can be handy for other present buying occasions too so it’s definitely a habit to start.

Start planning early. The more organised you can be, the better the experience will be for you.

If you’re ordering your Christmas shopping then get it done way before Christmas. I’m sure we all know how distressing it is when you don’t know if a gift will be there in time! The time it takes to receive parcels over the Christmas period can really increase so don’t be caught out.

Christmas shopping

Keep everything together. You’re unlikely to have a Christmas tree up in August, but you may have a nice collection of gifts by then. Find a convenient place to store the presents so you don’t have any lost items by the time Christmas rolls around.

Get your gifts wrapped early. Although you might not find particularly festive wrapping paper early on, it can save you a lot of hassle if you wrap presents as you get them. Rather than sitting down to a mountain of presents to be wrapped, you can just get them done one or two at a time.

Relax and wait for Christmas day. Now you can feel smug and revel in the feeling of being organised and set for the festivities. Enjoy being away from the long queues and the stress of last minute shopping.

So, When Are You Getting Your Christmas Shopping Done?

Are you ready to try a new way of Christmas shopping? Or is getting it done early already a good habit of yours? I hope this helps you get ahead and that you can enjoy having all your gifts ready in advance.

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