CategorySelf Care and Self Love

When it comes to self care and self love, do you give yourself the time and love you deserve? In a busy world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by people and the feeling that other things should take priority.

But here’s the thing, YOU deserve to be a priority. You need your own love and support. When you’re rushing around filling other cups, it’s easy to let yours run down and eventually empty. While it can be seen as a poor use of time, it is the opposite. Taking a break to focus on ourselves leaves us feeling replenished and more able to do other things.

Learning to love yourself can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. But loving yourself isn’t the selfish thing we can feel led to believe. In fact it can benefit all your other relationships. After all, how can we expect others to love us, if we don’t?

Self care and self love is really important to me. For a long time I really struggled but after discovering the impact it can have, I learned to put myself first. On my blog are several different posts where I explore this topic and encourage you to do the same.