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Are you ready to start your bullet journal? I love mine- it's an amazing creative practice and it's so much fun!

Starting a Bullet Journal- My Experience

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Bullet journals, you may have noticed, are popping up on all corners of the internet. Typically, I avoid things that are just new trends but this is more than just a fashion statement. Clearly this has become popular for a reason and if you have yet to try it out, definitely give it a go. Recently I decided to experiment with a bullet journal myself and I am loving it!

Particularly for a creative individual, like myself, this is an amazing tool for your inner artist and your organisation. Personally, I could not recommend bullet journalling highly enough. Though I have only been using it for a few weeks, I am ready to make it a permanent habit.

What is a Bullet Journal

If you’re wondering what a bullet journal is, then look no further. A bullet journal can be a notebook, a diary and a sketchbook all in one. This journal is fantastic because you can customise it for your personal needs.

My bullet journal currently has a monthly spread so I can see that as a whole and a weekly planner that I draw up as needed. Bullet journals work really well for organisation because they don’t come with set out pages for specific dates for example, they are perfect.

Before when I have tried to use a diary or a Filofax, I have struggled because the amount of space allocated for particular uses. With a bullet journal, you are able to customise the space and use the new space as and when you need it. My weekly planners are drawn up as I go which means that I can add as many pages in between as necessary.

Particularly if you have struggled before with making a traditional diary work for you, this provides an amazing solution. There are such a large range of books to choose from too, which helps with personalising your bullet journal.

Bullet Journalling Inspiration

Pinterest is a great place to start your bullet journal planning. Though you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the information available, you are sure to find some fantastic ideas that will be perfect for you.

If you’re looking for a more in depth tutorial then you will certainly have your pick! So many people online are eager to share their tips and tricks for creating a beautiful bullet journal. Not everyone will have pages that will work for you, some may seem too neat or too messy but having a look at the variety can help your own creativity.

Bullet Journalling for Organisationbullet journal- Photo Credit Estee Janssens on Unsplash

If you struggle to stay organised then this is a great habit to get into. You can add whatever pages you need and once you get into the habit, you’re sure to struggle with putting it down! After I started mine, I wanted to fill it out in one go. Despite that, I have had so much fun with this and an added bonus is that it keeps me on track. My weekly planners include daily trackers that show whether I am managing my routines and having those on display helps ensure I keep up with them.

Planning Your Pages

I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I was sure to plan out my pages in pencil before I dared stain my pretty journal with ink. Please remember that although I put a lot of time into obsessively outlining the pages before I made them permanent, that really isn’t necessary. Because it is such a personal process, it only needs to be as neat or messy as you desire.

As a combination of diary, sketchbook and notebook, you can add whatever pages that you need. Some of the ones I have included in my bullet journal are a lunar calendar, a quotes page and a vision board. A useful thing about bullet journals is that you organise the space as you go, which should mean (especially after some experience) that you don’t run out of space for things.

People use lined, graphed or dotted notebooks so finding one should be easy! My personal preference is dotted paper because that works best with my scattered mind.

In order to keep things organised, most bullet journals will use numbered pages and a contents page. There are always extra tips and tricks online that will take your organisation to the next level, so be sure to look for tips from other bloggers and Pinners who use bullet journals.

My Bullet Journal

In case you are interested, some of the pages I have chosen to include in my journal are a present planning page and a gift ideas page which helps keep me organised through the year. Also, I have a vision board and a quotes page that serve to keep me inspired and motivated. I even have a pages covered with animal pictures because who doesn’t need one of those?

Decorating Your Bullet Journal

While bullet journalling doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby, there are certainly many ways to show off your creativity. Some people like to use fancy pens, stickers, stamps and stencils to make their journal really pretty.

If journalling is something that you’re really enjoying then it is totally worth investing in. Despite only having been doing it for a few weeks, it is a habit that boosts my mood and leaves me feeling more creative and inspired. Why not buy some stencils or washi tape that will brighten up your journal?

Gift a Bullet Journalbullet journal- Photo Credit to Still on Unsplash

If you know someone who doesn’t like conventional diaries but would love this, then why not get them one as a gift? Searching online will provide you with a variety of choices; for someone who is just starting out, you might like to choose a set that includes a tutorial, a bullet journal and some stencils.

Certainly, it will make a great present and it they use it as much as I do then it is a lovely investment.

Start a Bullet Journal NOW

Starting a bullet journal has been so much fun that I have had more trouble restraining myself from filling out the book all in one go than remembering to use it. As someone who likes to write and draw but never really got on with keeping diaries, this has been such a relief! Additionally, it boosts my mood when I use it and makes me feel more creative and inspired.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting one, why wait? The worst thing that can happen is you try it as an experiment and it doesn’t work out for you, it doesn’t have to be a waste of time or money. If you aren’t sure about making a commitment to this then choose a cheap notebook or use one you already have. Once you get more into it, you can start collecting stencils, stickers and fancy pens if that suits you.

What experience do you have with bullet journals? Or have you not yet started one (you should). Please let me know what you thought, get in contact via the site or the social media buttons.

Good luck with your journalling! Have fun.

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