Affirming in the New Year

Are you using affirmations to bring in the New Year? Start if off right!

Start this year by affirming your confidence, happiness and success!

Last year I wrote a post about the benefits of using affirmations to improve your life and happiness. Now I want to share with you some easy ways to use affirmations, that won’t really require relying on memory (or too much effort.)

Affirmations are a way of retraining the brain to improve how you perceive yourself and your situation. They are an amazing tool for self-care, manifestation and improving your happiness.

Ways to Affirm Positive Aspects of Your Life

Verbal Affirmations- Affirm Aloud

Affirming aloud can be a really powerful way to increase positivity. Though it can be a method that is slightly harder to start with, if you are self-conscious or find it difficult to compliment yourself.

This technique may be easier to build up to, after incorporating other ones. However, if you decide to use verbal affirmations, they are sure to have a fantastic impact.


affirm to the mirror

An amazing way to remember to use verbal affirmations is to speak to yourself in the mirror.

This is an easy one because all you need to do is associate affirmations with looking in the mirror. (Make a note to vocalise your affirmation in the bathroom mirror when washing your hands, for example).

If you can, when you look in the mirror, try talking positively to yourself. Smile and give a compliment to your reflection. Say that you love yourself, that you’re proud of you and how well you are doing.

In the beginning this can seem really uncomfortable, but with practise you’ll be able to look yourself in the eye and really mean what you say. Although when you first start this practice, you may feel like you’re lying to yourself, with repetition you really will believe yourself and feel happier for it.

Written Affirmations- Affirm in Ink

affirm in your writing

Written affirmations are really great, especially if you’re someone who likes to journal or write a lot. You can try adding affirmations into diary entries and to help yourself remember, you can use journal prompts.

Another thing you can do to ensure you are affirming regularly is to write them down. Leave them in places you will see them a lot. Put them on your cupboards, mirrors, your diary or your laptop and when you see them, take a moment to read them and affirm.

On Screen Affirmations

While arguably, these may have not have such a quick effect, you can use your phone or social media to consistently affirm. (It helps if you are reading the same affirmations to build up your beliefs, but using social media can mean reading different things daily; hence it having a slower impact).

Do you tend to be on your phone frequently? Why not save an affirmation as a background or lock screen- this way you’ll be seeing it really often and it has a greater chance of helping you. Alternatively, you can set daily reminders that say things like ‘You’re amazing and are doing really well!’ or ‘You are so successful and abundance is coming to you!’. That way you are seeing the same thing every day. This will build up your confidence and your belief in what you are affirming.

Social media can also be a great tool for affirmations. Pinterest, Facebook pages and Twitter or Instagram accounts that share lots of positive quotes and affirmations can keep you inspired and affirming daily. Choose some accounts that post regularly and are really active so you can be sure to see them all the time.

Start Your Year With Affirmations

This is a time full of the energy of the New Year. We might not be feeling so motivated a week or so into the New Year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t realign ourselves with that wonderful, positive energy!

Why not try getting into the habit of using affirmations this year to create a more successful, creative and positive you?

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