Affirmations for a Better Life

Using affirmations can be truly life changing!

Affirmations for a Happier LifeFlowers and Affirmations

This post is all about affirmations! Recently I have been focusing on lots of elements of self-care and affirmations are great for positivity.

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Affirmations are used for all different aspects of life. Some people use financial ones to promote positive feelings towards money, other people focus on affirmations that boost their confidence.

Whatever aspects of life you are struggling with or could do with feeling more enthusiastic about, there are sure to be some fantastic affirmations that will really help you.

Affirming Daily

Affirmations generally have the best effect when you use them on a very regular basis. So how do you get into a quick habit of using them to bring some more joy into your life?

Post-ItsPost-it Affirmations

For people who don’t mind having post-its stuck around their houses or maybe on their computers,  they are a great way to get you affirming all the time.

The best places to have these notes are places that you see frequently; mirrors, your computer, the fridge or cupboards are great places for them.


There are some amazing affirmation cards you can buy, like these adorable ones. Having easy access to these will brighten your day and I’m sure with continued use, your life too!

I had lots of fun making my own affirmation cards that fit in a cute matchbox! Matchbox crafts are something I really enjoy experimenting with (have a look at others here). One of the great things about these are they are tiny and are sure to fit in your handbag so you can take them out with you. Remember, the more accessible they are, the more you’re likely to use them and the greater impact they will have.

Gifting Affirmation CardsSmall gift- Photo by Leone Venter Unsplash

Affirmation cards make lovely gifts, especially for someone in your life who is fascinated by self-care or spiritual well-being. Or, if someone you love needs cheering up, then these will help you do that for as long as they read them!

Finding Affirmations for You

Writing your own affirmations is a great practice and they tend to have a stronger effect as they are designed for you. However, if you struggle for ideas or would rather use others, there are so many available for you to look at and use.

Personally, a lot of my own affirmations (or the inspiration behind them) come from Pinterest. There is an amazing range available to you, and you can find ones for so many different topics. Popular ones are for finances, self-care, relaxation and gratitude. I use a variety of affirmations for different things to impact various aspects of my life.

Living a More Enjoyable LifePhoto- Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Using affirmations can have a great impact in your life; they work by changing your views through repetitive use. If you hear or read or say the same things every day, you begin to believe them. So make life more enjoyable by choosing affirmations that are going to give you better self-beliefs.

As someone who is interested in Manifestations (I have several posts on the topic you might like to look at like this one) I use quite a few for helping with this. For example, one of the ones in my affirmations matchbox is ‘I am grateful for all the miracles that the Universe has and always provides for me.’

Do you use affirmations, what has your experience been? Please get in touch via social media or by commenting on the site.


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