Hello Lovelies!

Heart of Flowers- Photo by Amy Shamblen

Nice to Meet You, I’m Chloe

First things first- thank you for stopping by to get to know me a little better! I’m Chloe and Pretty Present Moments is where my plans to create a life and business I love come to life.

My Corner of the World

The place I currently call home is a small town in Kent, in the UK. Currently I am 21 and I have spent all those years here but I aspire to experience city life and get in a lot of travelling ASAP.

Career Choice- Blogging?

Having always enjoyed writing, and after experiencing life with debilitating anxiety, I decided to take control and work for myself. This blog is a fantastic tool that allows me to work without letting my anxiety cancel out a career.

I don’t just hope to change my life with Pretty Present Moments though! By working on my blog, I hope to inspire and help others on a similar journey. Whether you are on a spiritual journey, a parent, a loving gift-giver or someone wanting to work with mental health difficulties, I hope that my experience and what I have to say will resonate and empower you.

Photo by Aaron BurdenAnd Who Left Me In Charge?

I did! It is often difficult to treat ourselves with the love and respect we deserve and it something I struggle with but as with anything, it takes time, patience and practice.

My life has given me plenty of experience with difficulties and mental health issues. At the wise old age of 21, I am investing further in happiness- yours and mine! Now more than ever I am determined to create my best life; being a new mother certainly does wonders for motivation.

Chat With Me

Despite a touch of anxiety, I am very friendly and highly sociable so should you fancy a chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch.