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Sending Love and Light from Pretty Present Moments! This blog is your introduction to  living a more loving and giving life. Pretty Present Moments is here to help you by gifting you with a wealth of information on gifts, love and spirituality. For me, this blog is helping to create a magical life and business I love while giving generously to others.

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My blog follows different aspects of my life. Originally I only wrote about giving gifts, but there are more presents in life that I want to share. Gifts can be knowledge, ideas and helpful, uplifting words. Now, I incorporate all kind of gift posts, whether that means writing about gifting mindfully or writing about the magic of Manifestation.

My interest in living my best life, and living with gratitude and generosity has led to me learning about yoga, meditation, spirituality and mindfulness. Fascination with these topics and my desire to live in a positive way fuels my writing.

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I’m Chloe, a writer from Kent in the UK. When I’m not blogging, I’m probably spending time with family and friends, scrolling through Pinterest or curled up with a book.

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